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2021 Annual Report 

Highlights of Financial Report 2021

Sincere Thanks to All Donors.


On behalf of Silver Lining Missions, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our donors for their support and trust to us over the past year.


In the year of 2021, it was full of challenges. Under the impact of the global economic slowdown, the donations we received this year have decreased significantly. In addition, at the beginning of the year, the Delta variant virus spread rapidly around the world, and Myanmar, Vietnam and other countries became the hardest hit areas. People died from the epidemic. To make matters worse, a military coup broke out in Myanmar at the beginning of the year, and wars broke out in many places in Myanmar. Because of the need of Myanmar, we spend more funding to response to the need of the people there. Silver Lining Foundation are not afraid of difficulties, because of the persistent support from our donors. For this reason, the children in Silver Lining Foundation continue to feel the love and warmth from our ministry.

In terms of donation income in 2021, Silver Lining Foundation was received a total of approximately $2.59 million. In 2021, our regular donations account for 39% of our total revenue, corporate and institutional donations account for 17% of our total revenue, and personal donations account for 42% of our total revenue. The income for this year is 28% less than our budget. The main reasons for the decrease in income are that some fundraising activities cannot be carried out due to the epidemic, and a major fund's support for China projects has decreased.

In terms of expenditure, we tried our best to reduce non-essential expenditures in various projects in the beginning of 2021. In the end, the actual expenditure in 2021 was $400,000 more than the actual expenditure in 2020. Our spending percentage on programs for orphans (orphanages) and rehabilitation programs for special children (rehabilitation centers for special children) were accounted for 27 percent and 40 percent, respectively. Due to the increase in demand, we have added many children to our orphan projects in China and Myanmar. At the same time, due to the war in Myanmar, we have also admitted dozens of children into our Youth Center for the poverty youth in Myanmar. As a result of the increase in expenditure, our Youth Center has increased to $294,000 (12% of the total funds) this year to support the board, lodging and study needs of these war-torn children. Even so, the administrative and fundraising costs of Silver Lining Foundation in 2021 were accounted for only 3% and 2%. It can be seen that 95% of the total expenditure is directly invested and benefited from the services of orphans and special need children.

We value your trust very much, and we sincerely committed to be good stewards, cherishing every penny, and working to ensure that funds and resources are used efficiently. We cherish every life and fulfill their hope and future with the resources entrusted to us. In the context of the slowdown of the world economy, we hold on to our beliefs and are more grateful to have you all along, walking with the most vulnerable and helpless people in society. Your contributions are changing the lives of orphans and special need children.


Finance Director, Silver Lining Missions

Mo Ying-ying

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Financial information for the year ended 31 December 2021


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