Why we choose Myanmar?

In 2011, Silver Lining Family Village was officially established in Dahua county. In the past six years, we have witnessed the growth of the orphans at the Family Village, with uncles and aunts who love them and take care of them like their own children. We noticed that their development is quite different from those growing up in orphanages where they are taken care of in large groups. Children who grow up at a family model orphanage tend to be happier and receive better development physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We, therefore, wish to utilize our experience from the Family Village in Dahua to help more orphans in other parts of the world.


In 2014, we started to actively look for suitable locations to build orphanages and people who are willing to take care of orphans. Until February 2016, we had an opportunity to visit Myanmar and got to know more about the work locally. We realize there is a great need there. Myanmar, located in Southeast Asia with a population of 55 million, has been suffering from civil wars for over 50 years and the wars are nowhere near the end. Years of fighting have resulted in huge casualties and financial loss, as well as worsening problems of drugs.


Civil wars and drug abuse have cost innocent children their parents. When we first set foot on Myanmar to visit the children, our hearts were very heavy. A boy in front of us lost his father to drugs and his mother passed away due to illness when he was not even two years old. He was only left with his grandmother. Yet, his grandmother was unable to afford his school fee so he had never attended school as an 8-year-old. This was not an isolated case in Myanmar…...


Having understood the needs in Myanmar and found the right people to take care of the orphans, we decided to set up a Silver Lining Family Village in Myanmar and continue to adapt the family model here for childcare. We hope the children can feel loved again in this home. We do not only want them to enjoy all-round development physically, emotionally and spiritually, we also want them to develop their own talents and to become a person with compassion, responsibility, good attitudes, and values so that they can contribute to the society and influence the development of Myanmar positively.


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