Introducing our works of Silver Lining

SiverLining provides six major categories of services:

1) Services for children under poverty

2) Rehabilitation path

3) Home for the Orphans

4) Emergency Medical Fund

5) Vocational Training

6) Holistic Development

Learn More About Silver Lining Missions

Silver Lining began its poverty relief work in Guangxi, China since 2005, by committing to help impoverished ethnic minorities in the mountains area, and improve the lives and education of orphans. In addition, we provide rehabilitation and education for impoverished children with cerebral palsy, and employment for disabled youth and women.

Introduction of Da Hua Silver Lining Family Village

Da Hua is one of the mountainous areas in Guangxi. There are many poor people living in the valleys. Silver Lining’s workers, with the aim of bringing orphans to the Family Village, often have to trek for a few hours into the hills to find these children. After entering the Family Village, these children have started a new life and life is changed for them.