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"On behalf of the Silver Lining Foundation, I would like to thank you for your support and sponsorship in the past year. Your generous donation not only provides a warm home for the helpless orphans, but also gives the cerebral palsy children the opportunity to train in the rehabilitation center, and allows children with special needs to study at school. Your help brings hope and joy to countless poor families, and their lives are no longer the same.

           I am very grateful that this year we have raised enough funds to expand new projects, including expansion plans in Myanmar and Vietnam. Now we have a total allocation and reserved for more than 13 million HK$. These funds will be used in the basic construction of various projects in Myanmar, and we hope to develop the projects more perfectly. 2018 is a hard-working year of Silver Lining with results of: 

  • We have cooperated with the Eden Center for Disabled Children in Yangon and have helped 220 children with special needs. 

  • At the same time, we are also preparing to set up a Silver Lining Rehabilitation Center in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

  • Our school and rehabilitation centers in China and Myanmar have begun to implement character education to teach children the importance of good character. 

  • In order to accommodate more Myanmar orphans, we have built a number of buildings in the Silver Lining Family Village in Myanmar.


       In response to the development needs of the above projects, our total expenditure this year has increased by 16% compared with the previous year. Among them, the growth of Myanmar projects is the fastest, so the expenditure of Myanmar projects accounts for 57% of the total expenditure this year. Myanmar is a developing country with relatively few support for children with special needs and their families, so we have more funds for projects in Myanmar this year than for Chinese projects. Our spending in China and Vietnam accounted for 32.7% and 0.9% of the total expenditure this year, respectively. In summary, 90.6% of all expenditures are spent directly on services for children and orphans with special needs. Administrative and fundraising expenses accounted for only 5.1% and 3.3% of expenditure.


   We understand that the donations to us are full of donors' love and hope for children with special needs. Therefore, we will cherish every minute, manage all resources honestly and reliably to bring joy and a bright future to all children. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to walk with us on the road to helping underprivileged children and poor families. 

Finally, once again thank you for your participation and continued support for us.

May the blessing come to you and your family!"

Chief Financial Officer of Silver Lining Missions

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