A Special Ballet Performance

Lin Yuru



The ballet performance we have been waiting for a long time is finally on our dream stage. On the day of the performance, my classmates and I wear blue and white dance clothes, and the first time I made such a beautiful makeup, it is really pretty! Looking at the mirror, I almost couldn't recognize myself. We became beautiful and lovely little swan and danced on the stage.

I remember that when we were in the backcourt, I was a little nervous. After all, it was the first time to stage, so some tension is normal. When we were on the stage, it's a really big stage, the stage lights flashed. I saw that both eyes were focused on us. I was very excited and confident. As the music was on, I was in the best state. Perform each action carefully and hard. From the beginning of the performance to the end, all the audience applauded. I know that this applause is an encouragement and affirmation to us. We have done it!

I am very grateful to Teacher Liu for his patient guidance and more thanks to Yun teacher for giving us such a precious opportunity to let us go out and show ourselves.


Xin Xin's Story 


Xin Xin, a small girl who is 11 years old, is from a county town in Yulin, Guangxi. Xinxin is unfortunate. Not long after her birth, her mother found that she is somewhat different from the other ordinary child. Her development is much slower than that of the average child. Children of the same age can sit and climb, and Shin Shin is not even sitting, standing and walking. . Mom and Dad took Xinxin around for medical treatment and traveled for many years, but they didn't even know the cause of Xinxin. With the increase of age, Xinxin's hands and feet, body function is declining, muscles are shrinking, and her mother is watching her daughter getting weaker and weaker. 


However, Xinxin was lucky. At the age of eight, Xinxin’s mother learned that the country’s Colorful Dream project allowed her daughter to do lax surgery and rehabilitation training. The mother did not hesitate to agree. In this way, Xinxin was able to undergo surgery and postoperative surgery. It was arranged for training at the Guangxi Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled. After a semester of rehabilitation training, Xin Xin's hands and feet were much more flexible than before, but because the age has exceeded the requirements of the project, the rehabilitation training lasted only one semester. Introduced by Mr. Kang, Xin xin’s mother knew the Guangxi Silver Lining Social Work Service Center and took the Xin xin to Silver Lining registration and successfully entered the cloud for rehabilitation training.

In Silver Lining, Xin Xin made great progress with the help of her mother and teacher. Xinxin was very shy when she first came. When she got close to her, she buried her head and even cried. After a period of study, Xinxin has become much more cheerful than before. Although Xinxin is not convenient, she is very clever, and the knowledge taught by the teacher can be remembered one by one. Homework. In the classroom, she can teach classmates to read and write; when she is in class, she actively speaks, and often reads and sings to listen to her classmates, and actively shares the funny and fun things happening at home to everyone... In rehabilitation center, Xinxin learns to apply wheelchairs. Now she can move the wheelchair by herself! Now Xin Xin is already a second-year student!

Every day in Silver Lining Rehabilitation Center, Xin Xin is very happy. She is also proud to say to her mother: Mom, I can go to school like my brother and learn knowledge. It’s great!