Walking on a Curvy and Bumpy Path

Zheng Cui Shares her experience with her difficulties

Even though the bumpy road is definitely a difficult path With a faithful heart And support of love It'll finally become peaceful Zheng Cui, don't give up!

Everlasting Love

It’s easy to give up It’s hard to carry on But In Silver Lining we do not give up on anyone

Happiness Alone is Not as Good as Happiness in a Group

Happiness in a small group is not as good as happiness in a large group. They hope you can walk alongside us.

The Cure of the Four Sisters' and Brothers' Spiritual Healings

The four sisters and brothers who live in Silver Lining Family Village in Myanmar are having such huge changes within one year is because There's love! 

Persistence in Achieving Dreams

A group of Guanxi Nanning Silver Lining Performing Art Group performs after persistent practice

They have discovered a new world on stage

Happiness Comes in Small Packages!

Branded products, gourmet food, video games ....... Owning these does not guarantee happiness. Happiness comes in small packages! Starting from today, let's help these children to gain more happiness.

Stories of three children in Myanmar

These children become orphans as the parents' overdose with drugs and so on. However, these children are happy to live with Silver Lining Family!