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Join us to Fight the Epidemic 

For only US$50 you can support a Myanmar family, so that they can buy daily necessities, and epidemic prevention materials such as masks, hand sanitizer, and food! 

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Donors can make donations through PayPal, just scan the QR code and provide your name, phone number, email, and donor number in the payment message 

All donations help! 

The coronavirus epidemic continues, and many countries have suspended all economic activities due to the fight against the epidemic, bringing a heavy burden to countless already-impoverished families. 

Silver Lining recently visited some of these families living in Yangon, Myanmar, and found that many parents lost their jobs and income; they were desperate. In addition to the lack of food and clothing for the children, the living environment and hygiene conditions were also quite poor. 

If the epidemic were to break out in the community, the consequences would be disastrous! 

Therefore, we hope that everyone will lend a helping hand and donate money to help these struggling families. 

We hope to have you join us to fight the epidemic! 

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