Silver Lining Missions's

COVID-19 Response

During this difficult time, we continued to support our children and underprivileged families in many ways. First, in multiple Silver Lining locations, our rehabilitation centers started to conduct classes virtually to continue physical therapy at home. In the Silver Lining Family Village, with an insufficient supply of masks in Myanmar, children helped and made masks with their care mothers. They also learned how to properly wash their hands and stay healthy during this time. Fortunately, our children were very responsive and kept their hygiene, and wore masks during class.


Secondly, we made a major effort to support families in Yangon, Myanmar, which the pandemic has seriously affected. The loss of income has led to an increase in poor living conditions and chronic starvation for children. In April, Silver Lining Mission started to fundraise for the poor families. With all the donations and blessings, we were able to provide emergency support with Covid-19 prevention gear and food for three consecutive times and is still being continued.

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As the threat of this pandemic continues, the families who need assistance increase. When Silver Lining Missions was sending our emergency relief to these families, we noticed the deterioration of their living quality and environment. Not only did they need more food to maintain basic needs, but their children’s feet were also soaked in intoxicating water. The public health and hygiene situation made us very concerned.


We interviewed many families to further understand their needs and we are fortunate that we're able to quickly respond with donors/sponsors generously participating with us.


Thirdly, the pandemic severely affected the healthcare field and low-income families in America. Due to the insufficient supply of masks and health gear in many hospitals and clinics, we urgently responded to support frontline workers and the people who were not able to purchase masks. We donated approximately 20,000 masks in Los Angeles and New York to relieve any anxieties that might have arisen during this time.

Youth Center.PNG

During this Pandemic time, Silver Lining Mission was also concerned for the children’s educational opportunities. As

we visited the impoverished area, families’ living conditions were extremely poor and

there was no education that they could receive. Silver Lining Mission established a

Youth Center in a neighboring space for all the youth/orphans to receive

an education. Also, our youth have been helping in delivering emergency relief products to other families who are also poverty-stricken. Silver Lining not only cares about education but also

emphasizes human morality and the wisdom of life.