Family Village in Myanmar Handmakes their Masks During Pandemic


COVID-19 Emergency Survival Support for impoverished Families in Myanmar (2nd Batch)

The Covid-19 pandemic has seriously affected many underprivileged Citizens of Yangon, Myanmar. The loss of income has led to the increase in chronic starvation for children and poor living conditions. In April, Silver Lining Mission started to fundraise for the poor families. With all the donations and blessings, we were able to provide emergency survival support twice with covid-19 prevention gear and food to help them during this situation.

Delivering Masks to New York and LA!

COVID-19 Emergency Survival Support for Impoverished Families in Myanmar

COVID-19 continues to spread across the whole world and still, many countries are encountering economic crises that are impacting low income families with living expenses not changing.​

Walking into poverty stricken community Wishing to bring hope

Since May, Silver Lining has donated basic emergency relief needs twice to the poverty stricken families in Yangon who are fighting to survive during this difficult pandemic season. Sadly, they are in a desperate situation once again. The endless isolation and waiting is bringing more fear to those families that cannot sustain  themselves anymore.

YANGON FUNDRAISE - the needs of children with disabilities during Covid-19 pandemic

Silver Lining Mission has sent staff members to the poverty stricken communities once again to visit families with disabled children and to listen to their needs. After the visit, we learned that food and rehabilitation assistance are mostly needed for these families. We needed to proceed with our third batch of donations and send them assistance with emergency food and supplies to at least maintain basic needs.

Yangon, Myanmar Fourth Emergency Relief Delivery

In September, the pandemic started to worsen again and the whole country in Myanmar stopped all classes for the full year. Silver Lining Missions’ rehabilitation center in Myanmar is also on hold. Parents of disabled children continued to be unemployed with difficult living situation. Recently, Silver Lining Missions distributed emergency relief supplies to the impoverished families who have been affect by COVID-19 in Yangon, Myanmar.