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Silver Lining is committed to help the poor children or orphans of mainland China to receive timely acute care.

Through emergency medical assistance, the children can save their precious lives.




•Orphans & children from rural background generally cannot afford any medical treatments when needed, which can lead to life threatening condition. 

•Emergency medical funds established to help these children to receive the proper treatments and help relief their families financial burden. 

DaHua Family Village: Wei Hong Lei [Age 13] - Brain Cancer

Last spring, Wei Hong Lei, an orphan at the Caring Center, suddenly had an onset of severe head pain, the examination report showed he had a tumor near the brain stem (it is understood that the child’s father also died of brain cancer). Due to the high risk of this type of brain surgery, we need to arrange for his operation immediately. We gathered detailed diagnosis and opinions from the local, overseas and Hong Kong brain specialists, Xiao Lei was diagnosed as having Medulloblastoma, and it was a severe condition that required both chemotherapy and radiotherapy after the surgery. We took into account that the post-chemotherapy would be a protracted process, and a need for a regular doctor doing regular follow-up with him. We decided to arrange Xiao Lei to have surgery at the Science & Technology Hospital which is the best in Nanning, and let Xiao Lei stay in Guangxi to receive treatment. Xiao Lei was operated on May 19, 2015 for five hours, according to the doctors, the test result confirmed the the malignant tumor that required chemotherapy. The chemotherapy for the past six months was very trying for the child, but in the process he received caring and encouragement from many people, that helped him overcome periods of pain, fever and nausea. Xiao Lei has completed six chemotherapy treatments, and he in reunited with the children at the Caring Center. Thank you for your loving support in these many months! Please continue to bless this child, we hope for complete remission that allows the child to grow up in good health.

Rehabilitation Center: Liao Wei Fu [Newborn] - Megacolon

Liao Wei Fu, the brother of cerebral palsy child Liao Wei Lin of Silver Lining Special Education Center was diagnosed with Megacolon at his birth, the child has severe abdominal distension as well as colitis that require immediate surgery. Silver Lining has already initiated emergency medical assistance, arranging the child to go to Shanghai for his surgery. The operation will be in two stage at a cost of about seventy thousand RMB. Please remember the needs of the child and peace of mind of the family members. Thank you for your kindness! After examination by experienced specialist doctor in Shanghai, the infant Liao Wei Fu’s Megacolon disease, his issues of bloating and colitis are under control by medication. The doctor is concerned that the child is too young and would like to observe a few months before starting treatment.

Rehabilitation Center: Wei Fu Gang [Age 11] Brittle Bones

Wei Fu Gang, at age 11, is a very smart and cheerful boy, he was borne in a rural village in Guangxi. Unfortunately he was diagnosed at his birth a rare congenital bone disease (Brittle Bones), it was a terrifying news for the family members and it brought more difficulties and stress to them. Wei Fu Gang has a family of five, with the parents and two sisters. The family subsisted on the meager income of the parents selling vegetables. Since he was born, Wei Fu Gang has received treatment in the hospital for bone fractures many times, and incurred large medical expenses. Once he reached primary school age, the family members scurried to find him a school, but many school turned him down in the name of safety. He stayed at home before coming to Silver Lining, and the sisters schooled him every day after they came back from school. At the child grows, his condition will affect him severely in the future. After learning that Guangxi does not yet have at present the advanced medical equipment and treatment conditions to counter this disease, so we have arranged Fu Gang to come to Hong Kong for examination, and in April he’ll come to the Duchess of Kent Children's Hospital at Sandy Bay, Hong Kong for his procedure. Please remember this child’s surgery arrangement and recovery

DaHua Family Village: Wei Xiao Hui [Age 12] - Glaucoma

Last year Wei Xiao Wei (Age 12) had blurry vision and pain in her eyes, so the Silver Lining staff brought her to Guangxi University Hospital for check-ups; she was diagnosed with a serious condition of congenital glaucoma that required immediate surgery, otherwise she was at risk of blindness. Her intraocular pressure was still high after her surgery, besides performing intraocular massaging and prescribing eye drops, the hospital could not come up with other recommendations. Although the Guangxi University Medical School is the best hospital in Guangxi, it cannot offer better treatment options for glaucoma, so Silver Lining immediately arranged Xiao Wei to receive treatment in Hong Kong. We have already received financial assistance from the Hong Kong Society for the Relief of Disabled Children for Xiao Wei’s operation, and on Jan 14, 2015, the experience eye specialist Dr. Qin Xue Ying performed the surgery on Xiao Wei at the St. Teresa’s Hospital. The procedure went well, Xiao Wei’s rehabilitation is in good progress, according to the doctor’s regular checkups, there is significant improvement of the intraocular pressure and the wound is healing; Xiao Wei has returned to the Caring Center after staying a month in Hong Kong for recuperation and rest. Hua Hua, the Silver Lining staff accompanied Xiao Wei during her stay in Hong Kong, besides preparing the meals, she also helped applying the eye drops regularly for her. We are grateful for the support by the Society for the Relief of Disabled Children, the careful treatment by Dr. Qin Xue Ying, the hospitality of Ms. Delly and all the kind people’s visits and caring.


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