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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between being a Silver Lining Little Angel Child Sponsorship and a Silver Lining Partner?

The donation from the Silver Lining Little Angel Child Sponsorship is directly used to support children in need, at a monthly rate of US$38.
The donation from the Silver Lining Partner is used to support the Silver Lining poverty alleviation project, which is US$20 per month.

What is Silver Lining Sponsorship and Donation processes?

1. After receiving your sponsorship donation and donation form, Silver Lining Missions will issue a donation confirmation letter and begin the preparation process.
2. Within one month after receiving the donation, we will mail you the details and photos of the foster angel.
3. Silver Lining Missions will receive regular donations based on donations from sponsors until further notice is received.
4. Sponsors receive regular greeting cards and annual progress reports from their children.
5. Silver Lining Missions encourages sponsors to establish a relationship with the child(ren), and the sponsor can communicate with the child(ren) by letters or photos/videos.

Can I designate a child that i want to sponsor?

You can choose the area where the child is supported. The current areas to choose from are Myanmar, Vietnam and Guangxi.
The new Silver Lining Little Angel Child Sponsorship helps you choose the child you want to support.
1. Just click - Sponsor Now/Donate Now/Sign in
2. Go directly to the Child Sponsorship page and choose the child to support.
3. You can choose Guangxi children, Guangxi brains children, Myanmar children, Vietnam children

Why can't I receive information from the child I support?

After we received our first sponsorship donation
1. The funding relationship will begin to match and prepare the child's profile.
2. After the completion, the child package will be sent to the sponsor, and the process will take one month.
3. If you have not received the relevant information after one month, please contact Silver Lining Missions Support Center to check the personal address to track the package.
4. In addition, all parcels will be sent by registered mail to protect the children's personal information, so the recipient is required to sign.

Can i use someone else's name behalf to help sponsor the children?

Sure you can. Email: info@silverliningmissions.org Or please contact our US office in 16 Corning Ave Ste 206, Milpitas CA 95035 Tel: 408-770-2018

I need to change my profile. How can i do that?

You can provide information that needs to be updated in the following ways: Send your information to email: info@silverliningmissions.org Or please contact our US office in 16 Corning Ave Ste 206, Milpitas CA 95035 Tel: 408-770-2018

Does the money I give actually get through?

YES! Silver Lining Missions manages all projects and donations independently and there are rigorous internal audit procedures to ensure the proper use of donations. In addition, audits are conducted every year to account for every dollar received and we have a policy of hiring auditors of the highest professional reputation to ensure our financial statements give a true and fair view of the state of our organisation. Many donors have joined our monthly Volunteers Activites in which they have seen for themselves that not only does their money get there, but that it is wisely used to improve the lives of the children and their communities.

How much do you spend on overheads?

Silver Lining Missions is committed to making the best use of its donations. In the 2018 financial year, in summary, 90.6% of all expenditures are spent directly on services for children and orphans with special needs. Administrative and fundraising expenses accounted for only 5.1% and 3.3% of expenditure. Let's visit our lastest finance report in this link: https://www.silverliningmissions.org/annual-reports

Are my contributions to Silver Lining Missions tax-deductible?

How can I learn more about Silver Lining's funding allocation?