Holistic education

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Light House Kids Ministry

Silver Lining Missions takes children’s character education very seriously. In 2019, we had established a program called, “Lighthouse 226.” We wish that our children will be a light shining on other individuals, also a leader to pave the way just like the lighthouse. The program “Lighthouse 226,” is lead by several well-trained instructors in different locations, such as Hong Kong, Guangxi, and Myanmar. In this program, we have implemented courses that teach children moral values and encourages them to develop good characters. Our goal for our children is to make educated and informed decisions for their future.

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Our Curriculum and Team

Our curriculums are designed by experts in fields such as education, psychology, and art. Furthermore, we ensure that they are created suitably for various development stages.

The curriculums are implemented with different approaches to stimulate children’s interest in learning, such as having different themes throughout courses and engaging videos.

We wish children will learn in a fun and open learning environment, and also to be encouraged to learn moral values through discussion and sharing opinions.

Student learning is most effective when the quality of instructors is guaranteed. Our instructors had studied aborad to receive special training to ensure their rich experience in the education field. 

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Children’s Picture Book - Moral Series 

1. Benevolence series “The Shepherd Dog Ade"

2. Trust series “The Bunny Messenger"

3. Self-control series "There is nothing beyond control"

Introduction of our Picture Books

1. Benevolence series “The Shepherd Dog Ade"

In life, there are always different individuals we encounter in life, such as people who are selfish. This book shows how the main character solves this problem.

2. Trust series “The Bunny Messenger"

We all want to become a trustworthy individual. Sometimes, it is not easy to keep a promise. Let’s see how Bunny keeps her promise and how it will affect his future! Do you think he can do it?

3. Self-Control series "There is nothing beyond control"

Porcupine King, the main character, has a problem with controlling his temper. A sudden unexpected event changed his fortune with self-control.

Our Author

  • Ms. Wu Yu Fang (Hong Kong)

  • Character Education Certified Lecturer 6A

  • Ms. Wu’s first picture book work "Runaway" won the "Picture Book Creation and Cultural Diploma Course" and was awarded the "Best Picture Book Creation Award"

How to get the most out of picture books

Our Services

  1.  School Services

    • Lighthouse226 provides services for children who are in need of comprehensive character education by implementing education in different schools and the education community center.

  2. Instructor Training

    • ​Teacher training courses will be co-organized with different groups to help them master the content and training methods of character education courses.

  3. Events

    • ​We hold events with booths, workshops or exhibitions throughout times.