Silver Lining's Love Changes Me


My name is Wei Lan Gui, and was born in the rural mountainous area in Dahua in 1999. My family consists of my mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, one sister and one brother. Our source of income is farming. Even though we are poor, our family is always happy. I didn’t have much of a concept of what being poor was when I was young, I thought that was just how life is for everyone. I see things differently now because I am living in a better place and have a comparison. I do not want to live like that ever again. 

The darkest day of my life was when my parents and grandparents passed away. They died when I was nine years old, my sister was twelve and my brother was six. We really did not know what to do and who would take care of us. 

My uncle took all of us in and took care of us. One day when my brother, cousin in law and I went to get some wood logs from the mountains, we were pushing the wood logs down to the road from the hill above. My clothes were caught up by some of the logs, and I slipped and rolled down the hill along with the logs. When I tried to get up, I couldn’t lift my right arm and I used my last breath of energy and yelled to my brother and cousin in law for help! Immediately they came down from the hill and rushed me home. We had no money to pay for hospital bills, so we could only ask for some Chinese herbs from the head of the village to wrap around my arm. But my arm was already broken, Chinese herbs would do nothing, I was really scared and depress. 

After my grandparents passed away, my uncle’s family was also in a very difficult situation. I felt like an extra person that should not be here. At my darkest time, a few very caring uncles and aunties came to visit me. My uncles gave my siblings and me some new clothes to wear, but I couldn’t wear them because I could not move my right arm. Then one uncle noticed my situation, and right after they found out what happened to me, immediately took me to the nearest hospital. Since the village hospital had only limited resources, a stranger took me to a city hospital for medical treatment. When I arrived, I was very surprised. This was my first time seeing a big city and eating at a hotel. After my successful surgery and my stay in the hospital, Miss Choi Ha took very good care of me. After a month of recovery, my right arm was completely healed.

In 2011, my little brother and I came Silver Lining Caring Center, a very welcoming big family. During the early stage of my time at the caring center, I had a rebellious period. Insecurity caused me to run away from the center but Silver Lining never gave up on me, they continuously embrace me, encourage me in school, allow me to find a new direction in life and gain self-confidence. 

When I got into high school, I fell in love with music and signed up for a performance class. My teachers saw that I had great potential and received a very satisfying score of 227, an “A” on my art exam. I never thought I would have the chance to go to college but am now preparing for my college exam. This made me to work and study harder and look forward to going into college in a few years! 

Every day at Silver Lining is a happy day, time flies, cannot believe I’ve been living here for seven years. Silver Lining Caring Center is my home. My home consists of my aunt who cares for me and at school I have friends who worry and care for me and when I made mistakes, there are be people guiding me. I am living a life like any normal teenager. I am a junior at high school now and live in the school dormitory. Sunday afternoons, I go home to visit my little brother. Though I am not with him always, I am not worried, because I know there are aunties there that care for my little brother and all the children there. 


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