Silver Lining Missions

We are a registered non-profit organization in the USA that is chartered with the purpose to support the charity and humanitarian works in China, Myanmar, and Vietnam focused on

minority orphans, disabled, cerebral palsy children, and their families.

Our Mission is to help each child to reclaim joy and hope in their lives. We provide home, shelter, nutritious, medical care, rehabilitation, education, and an opportunity for them to achieve their full potentials. 


Silver Lining Missions walks and loves on each and individual children.

Our goal is to change their lives and bring them hope.



-Silver Lining Missions believes that love can change lives.

-We act consistently with underprivileged people in every place Silver Lining is at work.

-We are a good family carer

-We value our cooperative partners

-We strive for a good professional service 

Silver Lining Missions' Theme song

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