Cai Qin’s Story

Not long ago when I was playing with the kids at the Myanmar Silver Lining Caring Center, there was a girl who was taller than the other children. She would stand far away and gaze at me with a smile. I tried to speak with her a few times, but she was shy and ran away. “What’s her name?”, I asked foster mom Zhang. “Her name is Cai Qin, the older sister of La Jie and Cai Lan, she’s very mature. At first, she didn’t come to our Center with her two sisters and wanted to stay in the rural area and take care of her grandfather. We noticed that she stayed at home alone and did not have any opportunity to attend school, her life is very difficult. Her grandfather told her not to worry about him and eventually we were able to bring her here. She’s much happier now.”

Cai Qin is twelve years old now. A twelve-year-old child should be ready for a future of hope, but it’s different for Cai Qin. Her parents were in jail because of selling drugs, her two younger sisters and grandfather were left behind. Schooling was too much of a dream for Cai Qin and the three sisters were always hungry with little hope of having three meals a day. They never thought they would have much of a future or even the opportunity of receiving an education.

Whenever people asked Cai Qin “Where’s your mom and dad?” She will lower her head and quietly reply, "They are in the uphill.”

Cai Qin feels the shame of parents were drug-trafficking and being jailed. So whenever someone asks where her parents are, her innocent eyes suddenly became shameful and embarrassed. I felt upset about seeing a 12-year-old girl has to bear the pressure that she should not bear.

I finally had a chance to speak with Cai Qin one day when I was taking the children out to play.

“Do you like it here?”

“Yes, I like here very much!” Then she gave me a hug. I also gave her a hug and told her

“You are a very good girl, I see you always help with the house duties.”

Cai Qin looked back at me and said, “Thank you Yeung Mama.”

Suddenly a few words that we always say in Silver Lining came up in my mind...

“We believe love can changes lives!” 

Lydia Yeung


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Thar Thar’s story

Thar Thar is three years old now. At first, he acted similarly to other children with cerebral palsy, unable to walk and needed his mom to take care of all of his daily needs. After receiving rehabilitation training at the Myanmar Eden Centre for Disabled Children (ECDC) for only one week, we are all surprised by Thar Thar’s positive changes. He is now able to stand by himself for a short period of time without his mother’s assistance and is even waving hands and saying hello to his teachers! 

Thar Thar officially joined the Silver Lining and ECDC cooperative group of conductive education program in mid-May. With the help of teachers and therapists, he started to become more active in class and in his rehabilitation training. He was also willing to try new things and would always make an effort to perform his best.

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This journey began in October 2017 when the founder of Silver Lining, Chris Yeung came to visit ECDC in Myanmar. With a common agreement upon the Conductive Education Learning Program, a core group of ECDC was invited to visit Silver Lining Rehabilitation Center in Nanning, China in December 2017. During this initial visit, the ECDC team was confident that they were going to be able to move forward and would be able to apply the Conductive Learning Model in Myanmar.

After six months of preparation, ECDC established two experiential groups at their center. Thar Thar’s mom, with great support, was one of the first families to apply in this program. The dream of Thar Thar’s mom was that her son would be able to walk, take care of himself, and hopefully go to school. Silver Lining understands every mother’s hope and greatly supports every child and parent as they walk this path.

Wu Xiao Peng