Videos on Myanmar

Myanmar Family Village​ Introduction

Cai Qin's story - Lydia Yeung

ZhangEnYou's Story - Lydia Yeung

Do you know how it feels when only in 02 days, an innocent child with a happy family has become an orphan? Let's watch the video and listen to Enyou's story and find out the reason.....

Myanmar Minority Cerebral Palsy Child-Lydia Yeung

​it's a video about the real life of a cerebral palsy child who lives in the ethnic minority of Myanmar, no matter how hot the weather here is, the house even doesn't have electricity, and the family circumstance is really poor and all the burden is on this women......

Silent Victim-Rachel Yeung

this video was made when Rachel Yeung, founder's daughter has been working in Myanmar for years after her graduation in the USA, as the need she saw and the life stories of children that touch her heart deeply, it's all about the drug abuses which cost their happiness.....