Our founders

Chris and Lydia are from Hong Kong

In 1998, the entire family moved to Silicon Valley, California

In California, Chris was an engineer with a bright career; happily living in the US.




2005, Chris and Lydia moved to Nanning and began to help the orphans

In 2005, Lydia had the opportunity to visit Nanning, China for a short-term ministry to serve the disabled orphans. 

After returning home, the orphans remained imprinted in her mind and kept them in her prayers. 

She felt it was time for her to serve these orphans and asked Chris if the family should move to Nanning China.

Surprisingly, Chris agreed and they decided to move to China along with their 3 children (15, 10, and 9 years old at the time) 

The three children could not speak any Chinese or been to China, it was a huge challenge for all of them, but Chris and Lydia took the risk and went ahead with this adventure.


In 2015, their children all back to the State for College.

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