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Rehabilitation Path - Children's Story

Xiao wei - Mother's Back 

Xiao wei has suffered from Cerebral Palsy since childhood. Because she has not received the appropriate rehabilitation training and treatment, she does not know how to laugh, cry, turn over, or even look up. The family’s difficult situation often caused a lot of arguments, her mother often cried from the massive burden. Finally, one day, Xiao wei's parents couldn't bear the pressure anymore. On impulse, they abandoned Xiao wei in the street, and Xiao wei was sent to an orphanage. Fortunately, Xiao wei's mother realized that they could not abandon her child. She rushed to the orphanage to bring Xiao wei back home. For a long time, she embraced Xiao wei and wept. She promised that the family would be together forever and they not abandon Xiao wei again. Since then, Xiao wei's life has changed for the better.

Xiao wei's mother found out about Silver Lining’s Rehabilitation Center for Cerebral Palsy children. With great determination, she carried Xiao wei to Silver Lining’s Rehabilitation Center for training and treatment daily. Seeing her mother's selfless efforts, Xiao wei hopes that she can become stronger so that her family doesn’t need to worry anymore. She has worked hard to carry out rehabilitation training. Now she can write, eat, take off her shoes, and take care of herself. Love can change the lives of disabled children.

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