Silver lining


Assistance to Disabled Youths

Our Workshop provides employment opportunities, source of income, and vocational training for disabled youths and unemployed parents of cerebral palsy children.

The story of Fa, who was abandoned by her parent, now in Silver Lining Workshop, she finally found the purpose of her life

We set up Silver Lining Disabled Youth Workshop in 2005, created working opportunities for the disabled youth and the poor women. Now Silver Lining Workshop employ 10 disabled youth , whereby they can learn skills and self-reliant. Not only giving them a stable life , but also giving opportunities to participate in poverty alleviation. By contributing to the community, it may allow them to integrate into the society and become a useful person in the community.

Allow the public to see and give a chance to the disabled and underprivileged families, to let them know they can also participate in social activities and have the equal amount of rights for employment.


Learn to make handcrafted jewelry and souvenirs 

All profits received from the jewelry workshop go to disabled youths and children’s families.