Children in Myanmar handmakes their own masks

As COVID-19 continues, the demand for masks increases, and 

in Myanmar, there is a lack of masks.

Silver Lining has not been able to purchase any masks for the children in the Silver Lining Family.

To protect their health, the children and caregivers have learned to create masks with cloth.

Introducing our works of Silver Lining

SiverLining provides six major categories of services:

1) Services for children under poverty

2) Rehabilitation path

3) Home for the Orphans

4) Emergency Medical Fund

5) Vocational Training

6) Holistic Development

March 2020 Silver Lining Newsletter

In March Pandemic approaches, Silver Lining's classes have made major arrangements for children's health and safety.

Li Zhengcui, a child of the Silver Lining Family Village, left Myanmar for spine surgery and tuberculosis treatment at the Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong in 2019. The caring medical staff operated successfully. She is now back home!