Liuchun, a girl at our Dahua Caring Center, got hurt by a horse when she was very small. One day, she was alone at home feeding the horse. Suddenly, the horse kicked her at her chest and she lost her consciousness. There was no one around at that time, and unfortunately, Liuchun was bitten by the horse when she was in coma, and that left a long scar on her left face.

In February 2017, thanks to the support of Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation, Liuchun had the opportunity to receive an operation at the University of Hong Kong – Shenzhen Hospital to remove her scar.

Before the operation, Liuchun’s child sponsor Becky took time to visit her at Shenzhen to give her some support. When the operation was over, Chris and Lydia (founders of Silver Lining) also visited Liuchun. We all wish Liuchun a speedy recovery!

Although Liuchun has lost her parents, with the love and care from the people at Duhua Caring Center, as well as all the kind and generous support from the society, Liuchun is never alone!

1. Artist Becky visited her sponsored child Liuchun in Shenzhen before the operation to cheer her up.

2.Chris and Lydia (founders of Silver Lining) visited Liuchun after the operation.

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