In 2015, Hong Kong artist Peco Chui composed the theme song for Silver Lining called “No more wandering, child”. He hoped to send through this song his blessings and wishes to the orphans and poor children living in mountainous areas. Last year, he wrote a new set of lyrics in Mandarin for this song, later performed by another Hong Kong artist Becky Lee. They both hope to pass their love and blessings on to different corners of the world.

The song “Precious child, we are here!” wants to deliver a message that every child is precious without exception. For those who grow up in a more challenging and difficult situation, Silver Lining hopes to bring them love and be their company in life, and help them embrace their wounds and challenges. Although the orphans were abandoned by their original families for different reasons, Silver Lining strives to become their families and shelters, and to nurture them so that they may blossom like beautiful flowers and run towards their dreams!

Editor: With your previous visit to Guangxi, and now singing the mandarin theme song for Silver Lining, what are your feelings and thoughts?

#Becky: After finishing the visit in Guangxi and meeting my sponsored child, it all feels more personal when I sing this theme song and I have a better understanding of their needs. Besides facing everyday challenges in life, these children’s past also left a scar in their hearts. They all need someone to walk with in life, they all need to be loved and accepted. In fact, every one of us will experience low times of despair and loneliness. We all need someone by our side and peace of mind from the above, as well as love and acceptance.

Editor: What would you like to share with the audience of this song?

#Becky: In life, we all experience ups and downs. We may encounter difficult situations in relationships or at work that no words can describe, making us very sad and bitter. But I hope the audience will know that there are always a pair of hands opened and waiting for you, willing to support you and give you the biggest comfort. I hope everyone can find such comfort and contentment, and to share more love with others.

Editor: How did the song “Precious child, we are here!” come about?

#Peco: In my last visit, I witnessed how difficult the life of the children in mountainous area was, and the scar left in their life by their broken families. After a while and with my thoughts collected, I wrote the song “No more wandering, child”. I would describe it and “Precious child, we’re here!” as the first half and the second half of a story respectively.

In the first half, it mainly brings out the voice in the children’s hearts, and I hope there are people to walk with them so they no longer need to wander. And the second half is a response of love, as the lyrics says: “There is love here. It is a family. Precious child, we are here!” Silver Lining is like a big family full of love. Through the model of foster parents taking care of the children as a family, giving them basic care and education, the orphans can feel like home and grow up healthily and happily.

Editor: What do you think about Becky’s performance of the mandarin theme song?

#Peco: I think it’s great! I love the fact that the two versions (mandarin and Cantonese) are performed by different gender, as if there were both big brother and big sister to care for these children in need!

1. Becky and Peco at last year's Charity Walk.

2. Becky and her sponsored child Xiaochun.

3. The journey to visit children in mountainous area was not easy.

4. Becky and her sponsored child Xiaochun.

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