The Boy like Wonder

Two months ago, my coworkers in China had the opportunity to visit the mountainous area in Da Hua. While they were there, they met a little boy named Le Le. This little boy captured the hearts my coworkers. Le Le is three years old now, and is the second oldest in the family of four children. A year and a half ago, Le Le was playing on a bed, found a lighter and ignited a mosquito’s net that was hanging over the bed. The fire spread quickly due to the net. The parent immediately grabbed Le Le out from the fire and took him to the nearest county hospital. After arriving, Le Le was then transferred to a medically advanced hospital to treat his severely burnt body. The family spent their entire saving to save their child. Though Le Le was saved, the scars from the fire remain on 32 percent of Le Le’s body. Even though his wounds healed each day, Le Le’s mouth was almost sealed, and only half of his mouth remained open, like a little hole. As of today, he can only eat through the half-sealed mouth. The top of his mouth and his left hand were severely burnt. His hand is deformed, and can no longer move. After reading this message and look at the images below, how do you feel? Heartache, Sadness? Is there anything we do for this child?

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