In the twinkling of an eye, Chris and I have lived in China for 14 years. The people and things around us are constantly changing. During the period, we have seen countless children who are helpless and disabled. I often ask a question: "Why there are always so many children need help?" After asking this question, they give me the answer: "Because they are children, they are helpless and need help from adults." So we have been doing it all the time.

In just two years since its establishment, the “Silver Lining Family Village” in Myanmar has received nearly 100 orphans and extremely poor children. I wanted to record some of the children's stories and share it with them. When I asked a few children about their past lives in the hometown, they couldn't answer and said they had forgotten them. I asked why they could not remember? Their response turned out to be: "Now we have delicious meals to eat, books to read, we even have so many mothers love me and care for me, and the past things have been forgotten." At that moment, I realized that in the atmosphere of love, children can really forget the unhappy past, of course I am grateful for them.

Every time I see children in my home can go to class together, sing and dance together, I will shed tears of gratitude for them, and I have unparalleled satisfaction in my heart. Because they no longer need to fight and compete, they don't have to be afraid of war, no need to worry about not having enough food and clothing, no more being homeless, and no need to be afraid of not getting an education. At Silver Lining home, they can finally return to the life of a normal children.

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