I am very honored that the SILVER LINING FOUNDATION invited me to visit the Silver Lining Family Village in Myanmar. My mood was both exciting and nervous before departure! I am excited because this is my first visit to Myanmar and I have never visited an orphanage before. But at the same time, I am also worried about the public hygiene situation in Myanmar. I also wonder if the children will like the gifts I have prepared, and whether they will be close to me because they are shy. With a restless mood, I embarked on a journey to Myanmar.

However, after arriving at the Silver Lining Family Village, I found myself wasted my time worried about it. The environment of the Silver Lining Family Village is very good. Some places are even cleaner than Hong Kong and the facilities are very well equipped. There are about 80 children in all the homes, all of them are very friendly, there's always a big smile on their faces, feeling that they really want to catch the feeling of being happy in every second. When I distributed the prepared gifts to them, they would line up in an orderly manner, and there was no rush between them. After got the gift, they were polite and thanked me. When I saw them innocent and lovely, my heart was quickly melted. But what impressed me most was not only because of their thoughtful sensibility, but because they know how to share love and share joy with others. I remember that when I taught some children to knit the hand rope, they compiled one for themselves and started to weave the next one. I was curious to ask why they continued to do it, and they told me to they wanted to give it to the mothers and other children. At that moment, I was very touched! Because I know that their behavior is all from the heart, simply want to share the joy with everyone around you. One day, I went to the grass to play games with all the children. So many children running around, but whenever a child accidentally falls, other children will immediately lift him up and care for him. All of the above, I feel that the Silver Lining Family Village is really full of love!

With a group of "mothers", I think that children can be so loved. In the Silver Lining Family Village, each mother will take care of 10 children and live in the same home. Everyday I lived with different mother and saw that every mother would teach children politeness and tutoring in addition to taking care of their children's daily life. There is no difference between them and the real family. I sincerely admire these mothers because they do not take care of the children as work, but treat them as their own children. I heard that one of the mothers wanted to take a few days off to return home to visit relatives. Her child knew that and she was quite sad and kept asking her mother not to leave. It can be seen that the children and mothers in Silver Lining Family Village have established close relationships and become family members without bloodlines.

Although the children are very happy in their homes, please don't forget that they were orphans, and the inner pain can not be completely cured in a moment. During the visit, there's a boy was very close to me. One day, when I was playing with other children, he yelled at my name and wanted me to play with him, but because the scene was noisy, I could not hear it. When he saw that I didn't respond, he was quite lost. He kept asking other people: "Is Jeanie sister ignored me? Doesn’t she?" I know it is quite heartbreaking because I understand his current mood. He once lost love and care once. Although he now has a big family of Silver Lining, he still feels quite insecure in his heart, eager for warmth and love, and afraid to lose the care of others again. Therefore, we need to give our children more love and support, so that their broken heart will be healed.

This visit has made me have a lot of reflections on life. I once again learned that my life is already very happy. The troubles and pressures in my work are insignificant. Happiness is actually very simple. We must also learn to be content and not take things in our lives for granted. There are still many children living in poverty around the world who need our help. I hope to share the feelings of this visit to the people around me. Finally, I would like to say thank you to Lydia and the Silver Lining Foundation, because with your love and support, the child has the opportunity and hope for healthy growth!

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