Little Angel Child Sponsorship Sharing Activity

On June 9, Silver Lining host a Little Angel Child Sponsorship sharing activity with nearly 100 participants. We hope the sponsors will share their moving and happy stories with all of us through this sharing activity.

Mr. Joseph Yeung was the MC for this sponsor sharing activity and Ms. Lydia started the activity by introducing the latest developments for Silver Lining including the extension project of the Myanmar Silver Lining Family Village. Then, we invited a number of sponsors to come on stage and share their stories, for example: the excitement of sponsors meeting with their sponsored child for the first time, the importance of teaching love to the sponsored child by the sponsor, etc. everyone there was moved and touched by the stories. Ms. Jeanne Chan also came to the activity as a sponsor and share her memories of visiting our Silver Lining Family Village. And Lydia video-conferenced with Chris who was in Myanmar Silver Lining Family Village, everyone was delighted to see the energetic children on screen.

In addition, in order to thank sponsors who have always been supportive of Silver Lining. We awarded sponsors who have sponsored for over 5 years with a certificate of appreciation to thank them for embarking on the journey of love with us and letting sponsored children to receive a better living and future. There was also a bazaar stall at the sponsor sharing activity to sell some handicraft and drawings made by the disabled with all the proceeds going to the impoverished people.

Every sponsor’s reason for sponsoring might be different but we all have the same goal: hoping to deliver love to change the lives of destitute children, love changes lives. Once again, we thank everyone who participated in our sponsor sharing activity, your input will also help to improve our sponsorship work. We look forward to meeting all of you again.

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