Chris and Lydia migrated to Nanning to provide job opportunity for the disabled youth.


"Silver Lining Foundation Limited” and “Silver Lining Workshop” were officially established. 

Medical Funds

Set up Emergency Medical Funds to provide timely assistance for children with emergency needs.

Hong Kong & Da Hua

Officially registered as a Non-Profit Organization in Hong Kong.

Established an orphanage in Da Hua.


Caring Center (the orphanage in Dahua) received the first group of orphans in Dahua.

We became aware of the needs of impoverished students in the mountainous area and started to provide support for them.


Grand Opening of the orphanage “Caring Center”, Miss HK Monica Chan attended the ceremony and visited the orphan living in the mountainous area.

Established a Rehabilitation Center in Nanning city, begin to provide free service for improvised provide “conducive learning” for children with cerebral palsy.


The Expansion of the Rehabilitation Centre moved to a new location and celebrated 5 years anniversary of Silver Lining.

Caring Centre has reached its capacity, then we begin to sponsoring orphans in the community.


The Rehabilitation Centre started a special education class at the elementary level.

Officially registered as non- profit organization “Silver Lining Social Service Centre Guangxi” through the Department of Civil Affairs.

Registered in U.S.A “Silver Lining Missions”.


Established Children Center and provide service for the left- behind children and children in despairs in Da Hua County.


Support Guizhou Orphanage to set up a “conducive learning” Rehabilitation center for Cerebral Palsy.

Established Children Center and provide service for the left-behind children and children in despair in Longan County.

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Participated in the “International Conductive Education Guidance Conference” held in Hungary, shared our background and experience with conductive education. 

Explored our services in Myanmar because of the needs we see there.

Continued to provide services in rehabilitation and education for disabled children, support the social integration of disabled children and their families. 

Until the end of 2016, Silver Lining Guangxi has served 117 children with cerebral palsy. 

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Guangxi Silver Lining office expansion, DaHua Caring Center moves to a new home, called Family Village

April opened an orphanage “Silver Lining Family Village” in Pwin OO Lwin, Myanmar.

Preparing and opening schools within the Shan State, Myanmar (Nan Weng, Nan Zhan, Lashio, Nong Man, Dang Yang). 

Yangon, Myanmar started a rehabilitation center for children with cerebral palsy, called Eden Center 

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Construction and relocation of the new family village in Pyin OO Lwin, Mandalay, Myanmar.

Construction of the Myanmar Silver Lining HaoEn School.

Explored our services in Vietnam and reached an agreement with Hanoi Victorious Church.

July, trained Hanoi local team to serve Vietnamese cerebral palsy children, the target set up a Silver Lining rehabilitation center in Hanoi, Vietnam.


February, we explored our services in Cambodia. 

March, Hanoi, Vietnam started a rehabilitation center for children with cerebral palsy. 

April, expansion of  “Silver Lining Family Village” in Pwin OO Lwin, Myanmar. 

August, Silver Lining Family Village in Myanmar got the government certificate  

Hanoi Rehabilitation Center also got the government certificate in September