Rehabilitation Center: 

Wei Fu Gang [Age 11

Brittle Bones

Wei Fu Gang, at age 11, is a very smart and cheerful boy, he was born in a rural village in Guangxi. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed at his birth with a rare congenital bone disease (Brittle Bones), it was terrifying news for the family members and it brought more difficulties and stress to them. Wei Fu Gang has a family of five, with the parents and two sisters. The family subsisted on the meager income of the parents selling vegetables. Since he was born, Wei Fu Gang has received treatment in the hospital for bone fractures many times and incurred large medical expenses. Once he reached primary school age, the family members scurried to find him a school, but many schools turned him down in the name of safety. He stayed at home before coming to Silver Lining, and the sisters schooled him every day after they came back from school. As the child grows, his condition will affect him severely in the future. After learning that Guangxi does not yet have at present the advanced medical equipment and treatment conditions to counter this disease, so we have arranged Fu Gang to come to Hong Kong for examination, and in April he’ll come to the Duchess of Kent Children's Hospital at Sandy Bay, Hong Kong for his procedure. Please remember this child’s surgery arrangement and recovery