DaHua Family Village: 

Wei Hong Lei [Age-13]

Brain Cancer

Last spring, Wei Hong Lei, an orphan at the Caring Center, suddenly had an onset of severe head pain, the examination report showed he had a tumor near the brain stem (it is understood that the child’s father also died of brain cancer). Due to the high risk of this type of brain surgery, we need to arrange for his operation immediately. We gathered detailed diagnosis and opinions from the local, overseas and Hong Kong brain specialists, Xiao Lei was diagnosed as having Medulloblastoma, and it was a severe condition that required both chemotherapy and radiotherapy after the surgery. We took into account that the post-chemotherapy would be a protracted process and a need for a regular doctor doing regular follow-up with him. We decided to arrange Xiao Lei to have surgery at the Science & Technology Hospital which is the best in Nanning, and let Xiao Lei stay in Guangxi to receive treatment. Xiao Lei was operated on May 19, 2015, for five hours, according to the doctors, the test result confirmed the malignant tumor that required chemotherapy. The chemotherapy for the past six months was very trying for the child, but in the process, he received care and encouragement from many people, which helped him overcome periods of pain, fever, and nausea. Xiao Lei has completed six chemotherapy treatments, and he is reunited with the children at the Caring Center. Thank you for your loving support in these many months! Please continue to bless this child, we hope for complete remission that allows the child to grow up in good health.

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