DaHua Family Village: 

Wei Xiao Hui [Age 12]


Last year Wei Xiao Wei (Age 12) had blurry vision and pain in her eyes, so the Silver Lining staff brought her to Guangxi University Hospital for check-ups; she was diagnosed with a serious condition of congenital glaucoma that required immediate surgery, otherwise, she was at risk of blindness. Her intraocular pressure was still high after her surgery, besides performing intraocular massaging and prescribing eye drops, the hospital could not come up with other recommendations. Although the Guangxi University Medical School is the best hospital in Guangxi, it cannot offer better treatment options for glaucoma, so Silver Lining immediately arranged Xiao Wei to receive treatment in Hong Kong. We have already received financial assistance from the Hong Kong Society for the Relief of Disabled Children for Xiao Wei’s operation, and on Jan 14, 2015, the experienced eye specialist Dr. Qin Xue Ying performed the surgery on Xiao Wei at the St. Teresa’s Hospital. The procedure went well, Xiao Wei’s rehabilitation is in good progress, according to the doctor’s regular checkups, there is a significant improvement of the intraocular pressure and the wound is healing; Xiao Wei has returned to the Caring Center after staying a month in Hong Kong for recuperation and rest.

Hua Hua, the Silver Lining staff accompanied Xiao Wei during her stay in Hong Kong, besides preparing the meals, she also helped to apply the eye drops regularly for her. We are grateful for the support by the Society for the Relief of Disabled Children, the careful treatment by Dr. Qin Xue Ying, the hospitality of Ms. Delly and all the kind people’s visits and caring.