Silver Lining Foundation began its poverty relief work in Guangxi, China since 2005. We commit helping the impoverished ethnic minorities in the mountains area, raising the orphans by improving their lives and education. In addition, we provide rehabilitation and education for impoverished children with cerebral palsy; provides employment for the disabled youth and women. We hope to bring care and blessings to these neglected people with our love and actions, help them to overcome poverty while rebuilding dignity and hope for everyone.

The Silver Lining Foundation, through altruistic actions, is dedicated to improve the lives of impoverished children and their families by supporting their educational and daily needs, bringing joy and creating hope in their lives, and by teaching how to give back to the community.


Guangxi Autonomous Region, China is near Vietnam, and Dahua the area we serve it is one of the poverty counties in China, which has the largest minority ethnic groups in China. The villages are isolated from the city with rugged Roads, so many people are lack of community support, and living in an impoverished life. Our wish is to see other provinces start from Dahua, all other different provinces to help students in need, orphans and poor families to improve their lives and education for the next generation to bring hope. Begin with We wish that starting from Dato extend our work to other Silver Lining is sponsoring primary schools student in the

mountain areas in order to help improve the school and living conditions, so that they can enjoy their study

and to create hopes for the next generation.

In 2016, we explored the new land - Myanmar after seeing the needs of so many children that we can serve there. Myanmar located in Southeast Asia with a population of 55 million, has been suffering from civil wars for over 50 years and the wars are nowhere near the end. Years of fighting have resulted in huge casualties and financial loss, as well as worsening problems of drugs. Civil wars and drug abuse have cost innocent children to lose their parents and become orphans. Understanding the needs in Myanmar and having found the right people to take care of the orphans,

Silver Lining decided to set up the Silver Lining Family Village in Myanmar and held an opening ceremony near the end of October 2017. The Family Village adopts the family model to care for the children and our hope is that the children can feel loved again!

Silver Lining not only wants them to enjoy an all-round development: physically, emotionally and spiritually, we also want them to develop their own talents and become a person with compassion, responsibility, good attitude, and value so that they can contribute to the society and influence the development of Myanmar positively.


2019, after we successfully reach an agreement with Hanoi Victorious Church in Vietnam, Vietnam Silver Lining Rehabilitation Center is established in Hanoi to provide rehabilitation training for local cerebral palsy children.

With our instructors’ enthusiasm  training, we believe Vietnam will demonstrate the mission and spirit of Silver Lining

 “Love changes Lives”.