A Different life at Silver Lining 


 About 7 years ago, Xiao Yu joined the big family of Silver Lining. Under the loving cares of aunties in Silver Lining, she changed from a shy and timid girl into a cheerful girl. Xiaoyu now is studying in a college and pursuits her dreams.


“ I was born in a poor village family where I live with my parents, my grandpa, two brothers and a sister. Our main sources of family income are farming and dad’s income from outside job. At that time, there was not any highway near the village nor electricity supply, let alone telephone and television. Our only light source at night was a gas lamp. Though our family was poor, we were happy together. When I was little, I had no concept of poverty and assumed life was like that. Now that my life is better, I would not want to live the life I had before!


The dark days really came when my dad passed away. I was only 9, my brother 7 and my sister 3. My youngest brother was only a few months old. My dad’s sudden decease had made my family life tougher. For us, the world was ending . My second brother and I had to take care of all farm work. I always cried due to long hours of work, but I knew it was useless to cry and life goes on. So we always cried while working. When mom saw us crying she would come to give us a hug and we cried together. I have already remembered the scene until now. When I thought of this, my tear still comes down on my face. Back then, I envied other families with a father because they could get their farm work done quickly, but my family……



Later, mom had her second marriage and left four of us behind. Even so, I did not hate my mom. Our home was too poor and tough, she had a rough time. I hope she could find a good partner and I wish her happiness. Yet, my life had to continue. After my mom got married, all my family burden had fallen on my shoulders. I would wake up very early and went up to the hills with my aunt to find some wild vegetables for the pigs, and took my brother to school. I always hid myself and cried due to fatigue, but I told myself I’d be brave and would not let my brother and sister suffer. I thought if I could do more, they could have a better life.

May be my effort had paid off. I remember it was the 2nd semester of 5th grade. One day, someone from Silver Lining came to my home and brought me to the Family Village in Dahua. I was stunned by how advanced the city was and life was easy. I no longer had to do farm work, and someone would even cook for me and teach me homework, I was very happy and touched, but only at the beginning, I thought my brothers and sister would join me at the Center too but they never came….

I kept wondering if my siblings were still doing all the difficult farm work. At that time, I just arrived at Silver Lining so I didn’t dare to ask around. Yet, I missed my brothers and sister every day. The uncles and aunties at Silver Lining felt my sadness and came to comfort me, yet I did not tell them the reason behind. Until sixth grade, my brothers and sister finally arrived at Silver Lining! I was finally smiling, that was they realized why I was upset….


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