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Lighthouse Kids Ministry

Character Education

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Introduction to Lighthouse Kids Ministry

Silver Lining Missions attaches great importance to a child’s character development, so in 2019, the Lighthouse Kids Ministry was established to teach children values. This program helps the children build character through interesting and diverse art courses. The goal is to teach the children to distinguish right from wrong and make the correct choices in life. At the same time, we hope that the children will develop a drive, so that they, too, may be able to guide and illuminate a path for others like a beacon.


The instructors of Lighthouse Kids Ministry also provide training courses for teachers in Hong Kong, Guangxi, Myanmar and other locations. These courses are geared to help teachers fully grasp the purpose and key points of character education courses—promoting the growth and reach to a wider audience.

Courses and Teams

The content of the art course is designed by professionals in education, psychology, and art to suit the development of children of different ages. 

Each lesson has a different character education unit. The instructor will bring visual stimulation to the children through diverse artistic creations and self-made feature slides that match the character themes. Using the different avenues available to them, the teachers will guide the students to understand good character through discussion and sharing. This is all done in a relaxing environment, promoting fun discourse. 

The instructors have grounded experiences in children and art education. Some of them have even gone overseas to attend character education teacher training courses to strengthen their qualifications.


Love Character Series Children's Picture Books

  1. Ren Ai "Shepherd Dog Ade" 

  2. Faithfulness "Little Rabbit Messenger" 

  3. Temperance Chapter "There Is Nothing You Can't Control" 

  4. Kindness chapter " What's left behind  " 

  5. Joy Chapter " The Persimmon of the Beaver  " 

  6. Peace " Apple Wars  " 

Introduction to Picture Books

1.  Ren Ai " Shepherd Dog Ade " 

With relationships, you will always find some friends who go their own way. How does the main character Ade, the shepherd dog, face this situation?

2.  Faithfulness " Little Rabbit Messenger "

We all want people to believe us, but keeping promises is often not that easy. Bunny test will affect her future dreams. Can Bunny do it?

3.  Temperance Chapter " There Is Nothing You Can't Control "

Prince Hedgehog often loses his temper, something unexpected happens that makes him face his problems... 

4.  Kindness chapter " What's left behind " 

How do you double what you own? Share with those in need! Not only can we share our belongings, we can also share our knowledge, love, and time. 

5.  Joy " The Persimmon of the Beaver " 

Life is a precious gift. How would you treat it? Some people will be scared, and never use it; some will waste their time with it; some will focus on the bard parts and miss the good times. 

6.  Peace " Apple War "

If "peace" means not fighting with others, then we don’t need to think about others and focus on ourselves. But this also creates a wall between people, where life becomes lonely and boring. 

About the Author

  • Ms. NG  HING FONG ( Hong Kong Mother ) 

  • Hong Kong Youpin Sports 6A Character Education Certified Lecturer 

  • The first picture book "Exodus" won the "Picture Book Creation and Culture Diploma Course" and was awarded the " Best Picture Book Creation Award " 

How to use picture books? 

Order picture books 

Service Content

1.  On-campus support services

Lighthouse Kids Ministry develops comprehensive character through art courses for children in need, which is implemented through Silver Lining Missions.

2.  Partner mentor training

Training courses are co-organized with different groups to help master content and teaching methods of character courses.

3.  Single event

Booth events, exhibitions or workshops are also available.

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