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Services for 

Underprivileged Children

School Project


Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar 

Amazing Grace Academy ( Opened by Silver Lining )

Education is pivotal for a child’s future, and learning different languages can help improve a child’s employment and development opportunities. In 2019, Silver Lining opened Amazing Grace Academy in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar. Courses such as music, sports, Chinese, and English are included to broaden the children’s reach. In addition to the children of Silver Lining Family Village, Amazing Grace Academy has invited dozens of impoverished children from the district to study at the school to increase their learning opportunities. At the present moment, most of the children have a basic mastery of the Chinese language. Some others can understand and use most commonly used Chinese words and sentences for daily conversation.  

As for English, with the assistance of American volunteers, Amazing Grace Academy has launched a distance English education course. These volunteers will teach children rhymes and daily conversational skills through video dialogues, training their pronunciation and oral skills.


Northern Myanmar

The school structure in Myanmar consists of a 10-year educational system. Many school-age children in poor mountainous areas are eager to go to school, but due to economic conditions, many children do not have the opportunity. The dropout of school children in the war-torn areas is even more severe, because the children have lost their birth certificates in order to escape the war. This leaves them with no way to enter the local Burmese school. To remedy this, Chinese schools have become an alternative opportunity for them to learn. 

Silver Lining partnered with Chinese schools in Nanweng, Nanzhan, Lashio, Nongman, Dangyang and other places to carry out student assistance projects to subsidize poor children in Myanmar's mountainous areas. These partnerships are defending the children’s right to learn. In addition to providing Chinese courses, it also supports children's health examinations and vaccinations. Seminars are held on drug prevention knowledge, providing accommodation subsidies for students living on campus, and improving campus facilities. The mountain project has successfully enriched the students' study and after-school life, so that they can learn at ease and prepare for their future. 

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Silver Lining aided schools and centers include: 

Nanon Cloud Puyi School 

Co-organize Dangyang Puen School 

Lashio Reformed Center  

South Station Mingguang School 

Nongman Peace School

Guangxi, China 

Dahua, Aid for the Rural Mountain Schools

Most of the children in the Dahua schools in mountainous regions come from surrounding ethnic minority villages. As a result, the living conditions of these families are often poor. Resources for education are also tight and general support for these mountain schools are lacking. Teachers are insufficiently funded, and students lack suitable extracurricular activities. These are the aspects that Yunyun attempts to address, hoping to improve the educational environment of mountain schools and to enrich children's campus life. 

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Subsidized Elementary and Secondary Schools in Mountainous Areas 

Guhe Township Central Primary School, Dahua Yao Autonomous County 

Nongguan Village Primary School, Beijing Town, Dahua Yao Autonomous County 

Kazu Teaching Point of Nongguan Village Primary School, Beijing Town, Dahua Yao Autonomous County 

Banlan Village Primary School, Jingzhen Town, Dahua Yao Autonomous County 

Dahua Yao from County town of North View Allan village primary school 

Dahua Yao Autonomous County of North Plainview can test a small school 

Nongjing Primary School, Qibainong Township, Dahua Yao Autonomous County 

Dahua Yao Autonomous County town of North View Junior High School 

Mountain Kindergarten 

Early childhood is a critical period for children to develop. Good care and education can lay a solid foundation for their physical and mental growth as well as future learning. With this goal in mind, Silver Lining Dahua began an early childhood development and care project in the mountain areas. They improved the facilities of 3 kindergartens in Dahua County, providing teacher with training, and the children with allowances for daily necessities and meals. In this way, the children's education and physical development would be assured.

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Funded Mountain Kindergarten 

Experimental Kindergarten of Banlan Village, Beijing Town, Dahua Yao Autonomous County 

Dahua Yao from the northern town of Allan King County Primary School nursery class 

The Kindergarten Affiliated to Banlan Village Primary School, Beijing Town, Dahua Yao Autonomous County 

Left-behind children project 


Guangxi, China

The term, left-behind children, refers to some of the rural children who have lived separately from their parents for a lengthy duration due to their parents leaving the country for work. However, many of these children are at a critical stage of growth and development. The lack of parental care can easily lead to a stunt in their psychological and learning progression.  

Growing Home Plan

In order to help left-behind children in rural areas, Silver Lining launched a program for social workers to enter different villages and resettlement areas in Dahua county. Their focus would be to replicate a healthy and nurturing home environment for the children. The program would include different parent-child activities, reading stations, and festival celebrations. Through these activities, the program looks to help the children enrich their lives in an environment that they can call home. 

圖片 9.jpg

Guangxi Youth Space, Nayin Social Worker Station 

Silver Lining has set up a comprehensive youth service center and a social worker station in the Nayin resettlement area in Guangxi to take care of the youth and children who are unsupervised in the area. Youth Space and Social Work Station will provide children with homework guidance, interest development, handicraft workshops, and book lending services for free, so as to cultivate the children's learning ability and life skills in the district.