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Meet Your Little Angel

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Give Orphans a Home

Many children in the mountainous areas of Dahua, Guangxi have been abandoned as orphans due to the death of both parents or their mothers remarrying after the death of their father. In 2009, Silver Lining opened the Dahua Silver Lining Family Village to support orphans with a family model, giving children a "home" environment... 


Rehabilitation for Disabled Children

Some children suffer from cerebral palsy at birth or during stages of growth. Due to delays in treatment, parts of the brain can be damaged and are unable to function normally. Many of these kids are unable to take care of themselves, and need to receive long-term rehabilitation training for the ability of self-care...


Service for Impoverished Children

Due to different reasons, such as the civil war in Myanmar and the Dahua mountainous area being inhabited by mergers, many school-age children lose the opportunity to receive education. Coupled with the influence of location factors, children have long lacked community assistance, such as teachers, learning materials, etc... 

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