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The Silver Lining Missions children are growing up, and some of them have completed the free education provided by the government and now aspire to pursue higher education at the college level. Silver Lining Missions aims to provide these children with opportunities for higher education to the best of our abilities. If they have the capability, we also send them to different institutions for further studies.

In light of this, Silver Lining Missions has launched a brand new program called the "College Fund" to raise funds and ensure that these children can pursue their studies without the burden of repaying student loans. The program collects donations from generous individuals, which are used to cover the children's tuition fees and miscellaneous expenses at the institutions, such as dormitory fees and textbooks. The donations are accumulated each year, with the goal of benefiting all the children and encouraging them to embrace education and transform their lives.

By 2023, Silver Lining Missions has nurtured over 30 university students in Guangxi, and in the near future, there will be more eligible children entering the university stage, including in the Silver Lining Family Village in Myanmar. We firmly believe that education can break the cycle of poverty and that knowledge can change destinies. We hope that the children of Silver Lining Missions will have the same opportunities to transform their own lives, just like other children.

The College Fund requires a monthly donation of US$50 or an annual donation of US$600, which will be used in full for the tuition and miscellaneous expenses of university students. We provide annual updates in August on the situation of university students for the year and their upcoming enrollment, helping donors to have a better understanding of the operation and needs of the entire fund.

US$50 / Monthly

College Fund

College Fund

US$600 / Yearly

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