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Rehabilitation for disabled children

Rehabilitation Path

Some children suffer from cerebral palsy at birth or stages of growth. Due to delays in treatment, parts of the brain can be damaged and are unable to function normally; for this reason, the kids are unable to take care of themselves. For this reason, these children need to receive long-term rehabilitation training to obtain the ability for self-care. However, many of these parents live in poverty-stricken areas and are often in debt due to the heavy medical expenses. In some cases, they are unable to work in order to take care of their children.

In order to help support these families, Silver Lining has established special teaching classes in Guangxi, China, Yangon, Myanmar, and Hanoi, Vietnam. Through * Conductive Learning, children of certain ages can receive education while undergoing rehabilitation training. This program also funds the medical rehabilitation expenses of children with cerebral palsy. It also aims to reduce the burden on families, persuade parents to abandon the idea of leaving their children due to heavy burdens, and avoid causing more disabled children to be abandoned in society. Through these programs, these children can learn to take care of themselves, and have the opportunity to find a job in the future. And our hope is that in doing so, they will realize their own value. 

What is "Conductive Learning"?

This is a treatment method that combines physical rehabilitation training and general education. This integration of both aspects allows the children to learn skills of social integration while receiving the necessary physical rehabilitation treatment. This method provides a holistic development for the child's physical, mental and intellectual development.

Silver Lining Special Education Service Point


Eden Rehabilitation Children's Center


In 2018, Silver Lining partnered with ‘Myanmar Eden Disabled Children's Center’ to establish a rehabilitation center in Yangon. It provides a free guided rehabilitation education for families with children affected by cerebral palsy in the local area. The program provides appropriate treatment to promote their physical, mental, and intellectual development. To ensure, that the families are retaining the information, the workers also visit the families’ homes to properly correct or maintain their ability to care for the children. These instructors train at Yunyun Rehabilitation Center in Nanning, Guangxi to learn the latest teaching methods to more effectively guide disabled children on the road to recovery.

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Vietnam Silver Lining Rehabilitation Center


The Vietnam Silver Lining Rehabilitation Center in Hanoi officially opened in early 2019 to provide free guided rehabilitation education for local disabled children and their families. The Center was built based on the Nanning Cloud Rehabilitation Center in Guangxi. Teaching aids and auxiliary tools are also available, so that children with disabilities can learn in a suitable environment. The training material mostly consists of the children's physical activity, speech, and self-care skills.

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Opening of Vietnam Rehabilitation Center


Guangxi Silver Lining Rehabilitation Center


Guangxi Silver Lining Rehabilitation Center was established in 2009, with a focus on group teaching. Rehabilitation teachers, special education teachers, and social labor unions train different aspects of disabled children: better hand control and function, self-care ability, cognitive thinking, communication, and social skills through guided education. The rehabilitation center also teaches general subjects through textbooks, to emulate a school environment along with their classmates. In this way they can study diverse subjects together, and receive a comprehensive and balanced development. 


Distance Education Course 

Due to the inaccessibility for some children due to location, Silver Lining has deployed a distance education program that targets a group of children with Cerebral Palsy who live in the mountainous areas of Guangxi. For better support, a distance education course was implemented in 2017, allowing tutors to guide children and families through video dialogues on a daily basis with rehabilitation training. Children participating in this course have shown significant improvement with their physical function and cognition.