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Orphan Assistance

Home for the Orphans

In order to assist the children in Guangxi, China and Myanmar, we use the family model to support orphans and give them a nurturing environment that they can call their home.  

A pair of surrogate parents will form a "home" with several children. These parents will take on the role of guardians, catering to the children's daily needs. They provide support for mental health, emotional management, and other crucial aspects to help establish a safe and fostering environment for the children. 



Myanmar Silver Lining Village

The children of Myanmar are victims to the long-term civil war and the rampant spread of drugs that have taken their parents from them. In order to help these children, Silver Lining established ‘Silver Lining Family Village” in Pyin Oo Lwin in 2017, and still continues to take care of the children in a family setting. The center provides all-round care in their homes, including adequate nutrition, medical care, and the cultivation of good hygiene habits to ensure healthy growth. There is a heavily placed emphasis attached to the children’s basic education. In addition to arranging all school-age children to attend Burmese schools, it also prepares Chinese and English courses for them. At present, some children have even mastered three separate languages, paving the path for more opportunities in the future.




Dahua Silver Lining Caring Center

The children who live in the mountainous areas of Dahua County, Guangxi, are abandoned due to various reasons: at the death of both parents, or when the mother remarries when the father passes away. Silver Lining opened Dahua Silver Lining Care Center in 2009 to give these children a home, to support their education and daily needs—giving them the resources to grow up healthy to reach their potential. The Care Center has also hired full-time teachers help the children with their homework in order to help facilitate their growth. To further ensure this process, the Care Center is also equipped with facilities such as activity rooms, computer rooms, reading rooms, and basketball courts, so that the children can thrive and build self-confidence. All children of school age receive their corresponding education, and some orphans have successfully entered university, paving their way to a better life.

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Meet the Silver Lining Kids 


Xiao you

- Heal the pain with love -


Xiao qin

- The Strength of Four Siblings - 

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Xiao jing

- I can dream -

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