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2022 Annual Report 

Highlights of Financial Report 2022

Sincere Thanks to All Donors.


On behalf of Silver Lining Missions, I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all our donors and supporters for your trust and support for the past year. Thank you for walking with the orphans and children with special needs, so that we have the strength and confidence to move forward. Thank you for your loving and generous support, and all your efforts have not been in vain.


Although COVID-19 gradually opened up in 2022, the impact of global economy continues that instability, inflation, and prices rising in Myanmar affect the lives of many people. We deeply grateful of all your support for the needs of the under-privilege children, so that they can continue to smile in all these times and able to dare to dream. We will continue to help these children without fear and difficulties around us. It is all because of you!


In 2022, our incoming fund received a total of approximately $1.34 million. We are very grateful that regular donations are 36%, corporate and organization donations 15%, and individual donations is 46%. In 2022, we didn't have many opportunities to organize fundraising event in US because the COVID-19 was still very severe at that time. Our incoming fund is below our budget, but our expenditure is also under our budget too.  It ended up that our incoming fund is more than our expenditure in general.


In 2022, the actual expenditure was about 974 thousand in total. Despite the difficulties in the field, we have tried our best to respond the demand of Hakha City in Myanmar. We added a Hakha Children's Center to help the children who are in difficult situations and severely affected by war. Some of the children come from the refugee camps in the Chin State. Orphan programs and special needs children programs are 27% and 23% respectively. Administrative and fundraising are only 2% and 3% respectively. We have 95% of the total expenditure is directly invested in the field services and benefits for the orphans and special need children.  We have increased good number of orphans in our Family Village in Myanmar this year. As a result, our orphanage expenditure has increased too. But thankful that we can also provide a shelter and food for these children who are experience great suffering from poverty, war, and pandemics.


We are very grateful for your donations. We understand that your donation come with love to the children and hope to change the lives of these children. We value and cherish your donation greatly and will ensure every dollar used efficiently and properly. We will do our best to bring the hope of change to these children. Let us witness the unforeseeable past of these children can turn into the foreseeable abundant future in Silver Lining Missions.


Finance Director, Silver Lining Missions

Mo Ying-ying

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Financial information for the year ended 31 December 2022


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