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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between being a Silver Lining supporter and partner?
    The donations of Silver Lining helpers are directly used to support children in need. The monthly amount totals to US $38. The donations of Silver Lining partners are used to support poverty alleviation projects at US $20 per month.
  • Support process of Silver Lining
    After receiving your donation form, Silver Lining will send a confirmation letter and start the matching process. Within one month after receiving the donation, you will receive the details and photos of the supporting little angel. Silver Lining will collect donations regularly according to the donation method provided by the dependent until further notice. The sponsor will receive the child's blessing card and annual progress report on a regular basis. Silver Lining encourages the sponsor to establish a relationship with the child. They can also communicate with the child in the form of letters or photos / videos.
  • Can I choose a child to support?
    You can choose the region where the assisted children are located. At present, those regions include Myanmar and Guangxi. The new little angel support program can specify which child to support Just click – Support Immediately This will take you to a page where you can select a child to support. Guangxi children, Guangxi Cerebral Palsy children, and Myanmar children can be selected respectively
  • Why can't I receive information about supporting children?
    After we received the first support donation The funding relationship will start pairing and preparing the child's profile. After completion, the child's package will be sent to foster care, and the process will take a month. If you have not yet received the relevant information after one month, please contact the Silver Lining staff to check your personal address to track the package. In addition, all packages will be sent by registered mail to protect the children's personal data, so they need to be signed by the recipient.
  • Can I support children through someone else?
    Sure! Email : Call us during office hours (Tel. +1 (408) 770 - 2018 | office hours: Monday to Friday 9am-6pm)
  • I need to change my profile.
    You can provide the changes you want made by: Email : Calling during office hours (Tel. +1 (408) 770 - 2018 | office hours: Monday to Friday 9am-6pm)
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