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Our mission is to inspire children to prosper; to have them grasp the truth and the beauty in the world.

We believe that Love Changes Lives.

At Silver Lining Missions:

  • We help orphans thrive so that they grow into upstanding citizens who can transform their communities.

  • We provide children with all their needs so that they can feel secure about their environment. No child should have to worry about their tomorrow.

  • We facilitate a Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities, so that they can feel confident about themselves and their future.

  • We believe in the importance of community and providing opportunities to impoverished families. Through this, we believe that hope can be found.


Through our love and action, we can build a brighter future.


In 2005, Silver Lining Missions launched a campaign to combat poverty in Guangxi, China. It is committed to helping impoverished ethnic minorities located in the mountainous areas with a focus on providing education and assistance with daily needs. Our work also extends to rehabilitation training and education for children with cerebral palsy, employment opportunities for disabled people, emergency medical assistance for sick children, care for left-behind and migrant children, and character-building courses. In 2017, Silver Lining reached out to Myanmar as well to provide services for the local orphans and children with cerebral palsy. In just two years, a rehabilitation center was officially placed in Vietnam. We hope that with love and action, we will be able to continue reaching out and blessing those who lack support. By doing so, improving their lives, and slowly but gradually rebuilding their dignity and hope. 



Home For the Orphan

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Services for the Impoverished 


Silver Lining Workshop


Rehabilitation Path


Emergency Medical Fund


Holistic Development


  • Silver Lining Missions believes that love can change lives.

  • We maintain good stewardship.

  • We cherish human life.

  • We value our cooperative partners.

  • We walk with people in trouble.

  • We strive for professionality.


We will walk alongside you,

embracing the sanctity of life in order to bring change and to instill hope.

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