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Orphan Assistance - Children's Stories 

Xiao qin- The Strength of Four Siblings


Xiao qin lived with her family in a remote mountainous area in Myanmar. Along with her parents, she had two younger sisters and one young brother. As the eldest child, she strove to take care of her younger siblings despite the difficulties. Unfortunately, her parents were drug-addicted and were taken to prison for drug trafficking crimes when Xiao qin was just twelve years old. The four children were then left in the care of their elderly grandfather. Oftentimes, they did not eat three meals a day, living hungrily with no opportunity to receive an education.

After finding out about their story, they were invited to Family Village to live. Xiao qin was hesitant at first, worried that her grandfather would not be taken care of. She sent her siblings ahead first, and stayed behind to help support her grandfather. Finally, after some coaxing from her grandfather, Xiao qin reunited with her sisters and brother. They now have enough food and clothing, an opportunity to learn, and a chance at a healthy and happy childhood.

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