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Orphan Assistance - Children's Stories

Xiao Jing - I can dream 

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Xiao Jing grew up in the mountainous area of Guangxi with her family. She grew up poor and when she was three, her grandfather sold her mother to a trafficker when her father had gone out to work. Soon Xiao Jing also lost her father, which caused the grandfather to become mentally ill, and was unable to care for the sisters. After a referral, Xiao Jing and her sister were introduced to Caring Center in 2012.

Despite having been brought to their new home, Xiao Jing and her sister were reluctant to talk to others due to their anxiety. Under the care of love of the center’s parents, Xiao Jing opened up her heart and fell in love with the place. Now that she lived in Caring Center, she had a home, family, friends, opportunities to learn, and the self-confidence to chase her dreams. Xiao Jing discovered her interest in singing and dancing during her time at the center. She dreams of becoming an entertainer when she grows up, shining brightly on the stage, and expressing herself to the fullest. Now, Xiao Jing is working hard towards her goals, working hard to study, to live, and to dream.

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