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Rehabilitation Path - Children's Story

Xiao Lei – The Path to Hope

Xiao Lei is a Cerebral Palsy child. His mother took him to different places for rehabilitation training since he was a child. Unfortunately, even after two to three years of training, he still couldn’t complete simple tasks. Even the doctor stated that Xiao Lei would not be able to stand for the rest of his life. Xiao Lei's mother was so broken that she even thought of divorce and giving up on her family. Fortunately, Xiao Lei's father was determined. Under the introduction of his friends, he took Xiao Lei to Silver Lining Rehabilitation Center. Since then, Xiao Lei's life has changed dramatically. 

On the eighth day of the rehabilitation program, Xiao Lei could stand. On his tenth day, Xiao Lei was able to walk. After witnessing the Xiao Lei’s first steps, the parents were full of joy, and were grateful to Silver Lining’s rehabilitation tutors. Xiao Lei's father and mother continue to accompany Xiao Lei on the road of recovery, accompanied by their undying love.

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