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Plan Purpose

Music can edify temperament and help a child's physical and mental development. Silver Lining hopes to open various music courses in Myanmar Cloud Home to encourage the children to participate in activities, explore their musical potential, and enhance their self-confidence.

Fundraising Details

At present, the music resources and equipment in the cloud home are scarce. We sincerely invite everyone to provide suitable audio equipment and musical instruments for children through donations to support their musical dreams. After completing training, Silver Lining will also hold a music competition, allowing children to apply what they learned, share happiness through music, and to show sponsors the children's progress.

Your donation can help children realize their musical dreams! 

If you have any questions about the Silver Lining Music Training Program, please contact us:  

Tel. +1 (408) 770 - 2018  |  Email:  Or fill in the information below 

*Mark it as "Silver Lining Music Training Program" 

We will reply as soon as possible 🙏🏻 

The message has been sent, Thank You.

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