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Share blessings with children in need on festive days

Gift gifts received at weddings, birthdays, full moons, retirement, anniversary celebrations, and other gatherings,

Through cloud action, we will give double blessings to children in need.

Donor Sharing

I met Chris of Silver Lining Missions in 2009 at a work-related group training in Guangxi. He was also part of the training. After talking with him, he talked about Silver Lining’s operations in Guangxi. After the training finished, I followed him to visit the rehabilitation school in Nanning, and talked to one of the parents who brought their children. I knew that their children had Cerebral Palsy, which the whole family was troubled about. I was grateful for the funding and referral by Silver Lining. These opportunities to receive different treatments and trainings will gradually improve their problems and reduce their daily and psychological burdens. During this trip, I learned that the local work of Operation Cloud in Guangxi has effectively responded to the needs of families with children with Cerebral Palsy and disabilities, changing their lives. 

In mid-2012, when preparing my wedding with my girlfriend (now wife), we were saddened to supply small gifts to the guests during dinner. Did we just only buy things to eat, use, or see? After collecting all kinds of information, but unable to reach a consensus, I had to put the matter aside. 

During a Sunday event, Lydia was invited to share about Silver Lining. Looking back on their effect in the Mainland in recent years, the number of families assisted has indeed risen. However, there are still many children in different parts of the Mainland who also need support. More manpower and material resources are needed to carry out the work, so that these disadvantaged groups aren’t forgotten. 

After listening to Lydia share, I was moved. I am grateful for the happiness and love brought to those in need through Silver Lining. Then I thought, why not allocate the money for small wedding gifts to the development of Silver Lining’s ministry? Although the amount is not much, much work can be done. It is better than buying some unsuitable things and then wasting them. In addition, you can make donations in the name of the guests, and also promote the recipient organization at the wedding banquet, which will kill two birds with one stone! 

After the wedding, relatives and friends responded to us. They loved the idea and thought it generous. It is better to spend money on children in need than to buy small gifts that are not practical! I've heard the guests' responses, and I am grateful. By shifting the funds to a meaningful cause, I feel that I have made a great decision. My hope is that more newlyweds can also use this method to donate. I would also like to bless Silver Lining, and wish them the best with their ministry. That they continue to shine brightly for families as a beacon of hope. 

Silver Lining Donor 

Vincent Fan 

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