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Emergency Medical Care

Children's Stories 

Wei Xiaohui - Seeing the Light Again

Wei Xiao Hui was born in the mountainous area of Guangxi. She lost her parents and was then taken care of by her grandmother. However, the family environment was terrible, and in 2011, we connected Xiao Hui to the Dahua Cloud Care Center where Xiao Hui found a new family with opportunities to learn. Later, she was diagnosed with spinal curvature and severe congenital diseases. She required surgical correction and treatment. From 2011 to 2018, Xiao Hui came to Hong Kong several times to undergo back and eye surgery, and successfully straightened her back and relieved her glaucoma condition.  


A year later, reoccurring pain in her eyes blurred her vision. We urgently arranged a trip to Hong Kong for Xiao Hui for inspection. After the examination, it was found that her intraocular pressure was at irregular levels, and cataracts began to appear; she needed another operation. Fortunately, the operation went smoothly and the progress of rehabilitation was also favorable. Xiao Hui cherishes the hard-won light, and continues to work hard and study with firm confidence.

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