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Emergency Medical Care

Children's Stories 

Meng Yongfei-The Boy with a Big Belly 

Meng Yongfei, now 2 years old, was born in a poor family in Dahua County, Guangxi. Their family consisted of his parents, grandma, and an older brother and sister. Unfortunately, the father did not have a fixed income, which made it difficult to maintain general necessities. With the sudden emergence of Yongfei's serious illness, the whole family was pushed to the brink of despair.

In December 2019, Yong Fei suddenly had diarrhea and vomiting for several consecutive days. He maintained a high fever that did not go away. His family rushed him to the hospital to be examined. The doctor diagnosed Yong Fei with sepsis, respiratory failure, abnormal kidney function, etc. After listing as many as eleven diseases, it became clear the situation was very critical. However, the family members chose to take Yongfei out of the hospital, because they could not afford the medical expenses. After being discharged from the hospital, Yongfei's situation repeated. In February 2020, he was admitted to the hospital again due to diarrhea and high fever. This time, he was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction and mild anemia. The hospital recommended that Yongfei stay in the hospital for treatment, but Yongfei's father was unable to afford medical care again. The child was discharged.

In order to take care of Yongfei, his father was unable to go out to work for several months, which worsened their financial state. In the end, Yongfei's mother chose to run away from home because of the pressure (to this day, there has been no news of her). Yong Fei's condition also deteriorated sharply. In addition to his stomach becoming swollen and purple, he also had eating problems. With severe malnutrition, walking became difficult with how thin his legs were. After finding out the news that Yongfei was critically ill, Silver Lining immediately provided them with emergency medical assistance, taking them to Guangxi Medical University for treatment and intestinal obstruction surgery. After a long hospital stay, Yongfei was discharged and returned home to recuperate. Wish you can grow up healthy and happily in the days after Yongfei! 

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