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with Kareno's

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Story of the four Angels

You may not know.....

These four children are named respectively CaiQin, CaiLan, LaJie, Xiao Hai, they're siblings in a family of 6 children...

Their mom and dad were selling drugs while they’re very little, then they got jailed for illegal trading drugs 


The four children lived with their grandmother, and now she is too old to raise them


CaiQin still has two elder sisters

One elder sister is taking care of grandpa in her hometown

One sister is studying in the dormitory

Their family with 6 children is very poor because their parents, the only hope for income, day by day took everything in their house to sell for their drug addicted 


So that’s why all of them was found in a very bad condition of having no chance to go to school, even having no food to eat, if yes, it's also not delicious..... 


Their parents are now still in the prison and the children don’t even know whether parents are alive or dead


One of their relatives heard about Silver Lining Village in Myanmar, then the four little children luckily have a chance to transform a brand new life with everything that a child deserve to have, especially love and care from village's foster parents. 


Let’s look how happy they are right now in my first trip to Myanmar 🇲🇲 

Become Silver Lining Yearly Sponsor with only 10$ for each quarter 

Your support every year can help our children have a better life