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Relying on the support of benevolent people, Silver Lining Missions ( United States ) was able to carry out development work, thereby creating a fair world to promote children's rights. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all sponsors/donors, and use this charter to explain in detail the policy of fundraising and receiving donations and the rights of donors to those who continue and intend to donate.

General principles of fundraising and accepting donations
  • "Donations" are voluntary donations from groups and individuals, and their intention is to support the organization's development work to achieve the organization's goals.

  • Donations will be mainly used for the sponsorship of the little angel project, emergency medical care, local projects in Hong Kong, and other related activities to achieve the concept and purpose of the association. The Association must follow the wishes of the sponsors/donors and carefully arrange the use of funds in accordance with the internal policies and guidelines of the organization.

  • "Donations" include money and goods, for example, retail goods, equipment, art, books, air tickets, hotel accommodations and other items with exchangeable value, which can be used for fund-raising activities or internal operations of the Association.

  • The organization will issue donation receipts to cash sponsors/donors; as for material donors, because their goods are not tax-exempt, the organization will issue a thank-you letter to the donors to show their gratitude.

  • In addition to general direct donations, the Association also accepts donations related to inheritance, such as sponsors/donors donating part of the inheritance, or the amount of insurance specified under the life insurance clause. Heritage donation can not only support the future development of the organization, but also encourage sponsors/donors to bring long-term changes to those in need.

  • This institution is responsible for keeping complete information on the source of donations. Donors can choose to keep their personal information confidential, but please provide basic information for the association to archive in the database.

  • Any donation should not have any conditions attached to it to affect the fair and equitable performance of its functions. This institution values ​​and protects its autonomy and reputation. Donations that violate these core values ​​will not be accepted.

  • In the process of considering accepting donations, the Association needs to weigh the additional recurrent expenses that the donation may incur. Under normal circumstances, the Association will not accept donations that will incur additional recurrent expenses.

  • The Association will confirm the donations of sponsors/donors and use the donations effectively according to their wishes. The sponsors/donors will not receive any physical or financial feedback. The sponsor/donor should make a statement when making a donation that the donation will not cause substantial or perceptual transfer of benefits, or even cause the sponsor/donor to obtain commercial benefits in the same industry or profession.

  • Without the consent of this institution, no individual or group may conduct fundraising activities in the name of this association; and all publicity materials generated in response to joint fundraising activities must also be confirmed by this institution before they can be launched.

  • The board of directors of this institution is the final approver of all donations and has now authorized the directors of the institution to approve donations; the finance department is responsible for making suggestions to the board of directors and management on donation matters, such as formulating donation policies and guidelines, whether it should be or not Accepting or rejecting donations, and how to use donations appropriately.

  • All donations will be used to support the organization's fulfillment of its service objectives. Therefore, all donations must be used in accordance with the wishes of both parties and the organization's financial and audit policies; if project details or internal changes occur in the organization, the organization will do its best Discuss with the relevant sponsors/donors or their legal representatives about the corresponding amendment application plan; if the donor has passed away or is legally defined as an incompetent person, and cannot contact his legal representative, the donation will be Try to use it in accordance with the initial wishes of the donor.

  • This organization publishes annual reports or regular reports to make charitable fundraising activities more open and transparent.

  • This organization must protect all the privacy rights and personal data of sponsors/donors. The data collected in the process of processing donations are institutional assets and can only be transferred or used by this organization or a person authorized by this organization.

Sponsor/ Donor Rights

In order to ensure public recognition and respect, and to enhance the trust of sponsors/ donors and potential donors in this institution, and then donate to support the work of this institution, the following proposes the rights of sponsors/ donors:

  • Understand the service purpose of the organization and the purpose of donations, as well as its ability to use donations.

  • Have the right to know the identities of board members and require the board of directors to be faithful to their duties and provide effective and impartial leadership.

  • Have the right to consult the latest annual report.

  • The organization will use the donations effectively according to the wishes of the sponsors/ donors.

  • This organization will give appropriate and timely gratitude to the donations.

  • This organization will prudently handle and keep all information about donations confidential in accordance with legal requirements.

  • This organization ensures that the relationship between anyone representing the organization and sponsors/ donors is built on a professional basis.

  • The right to know that the fundraiser is a volunteer, staff or authorized solicitor of the organization.

  • The right to request that personal data be removed from the mailing list of the Association.

  • Have the right to inquire about sponsorship/ donation matters and get prompt, sincere and reliable answers.

If you have any questions in the sponsorship/ donor charter, or even other matters, please contact this organization.

Contact number : (+1) 408-770-2018 or E-mail :

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